East Covell Corridor Plan - Draft Plan Available

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The East Covell Corridor Plan (ECCP) takes a comprehensive look at the existing transportation systems and residential, retail, and community assets on East Covell Boulevard between F Street and Birch Lane Road. The goal of the project is to identify realistic improvements to the Corridor that will enhance safety, circulation, identity and access for multiple modes of transportation.

Draft Plan is Now Available
The draft East Covell Corridor Plan (dated March 27, 2014) may be viewed here:
Draft East Covell Corridor Plan - March 27, 2014

Updated Meeting Schedule (as of March 27, 2014)
April 3, 2014 - Comments by Safety and Parking Advisory Commission
April 7, 2014 - Comments by Bicycle Advisory Commission
April 22, 2014 - First presentation to City Council
May or June, 2014 - Adoption by City Council

Additional Information
Additional information on the project may be viewed here:

City staff is working with the consultant firm of Mark Thomas and Company / Echelon Transportation Group on the ECCP. Contacts are:
•    Bob Wolcott, Principal Planner, rwolcott@cityofdavis.org, (530) 757-5610
•    Roxanne Namazi, Senior Civil Engineer,  rnamazi@cityofdavis.org, (530) 757-5686
•    Bill Shunk, Senior Project Engineer,  bshunk@echelontransportationgroup.com

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