Travel Training Program



The Travel Training program is an ongoing program to help seniors and/or those with mobility challenges access local transportation services and options. A partnership between the City of Davis, Unitrans, and Yolobus, the program consists of an annual travel training workshop to build confidence in using local transportation services available in the community. The next Travel Training workshop is currently scheduled for:

Date: Saturday, April 25th,  2015
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street


For seniors and those with disabilities to have improved:

  • Awareness, understanding, and usage of local transportation options
  • Confidence in using different transportation options
  • Independence
  • Social connections


  • City of Davis Transportation Planning staff
  • Davis Community Transit
  • Unitrans
  • Davis Senior Center
  • YCTD/Yolobus
  • Senior Citizens of Davis


  • Annual Travel Training Workshop (each Spring)

Travel Training Components and Contact Information:

For overall program information, please contact:

Brian Abbanat, Transportation Planner
(530) 757-5610 x7301

For Transit, please contact:

 James Touri, Customer Outreach Coordinator
(530) 752-2877

**NEW** Unitrans now offers personalized transit trip planning assistance!

Contact James Touri at Unitrans for more information.

Erik Reitz, Associate Transportation Planner
(530) 402-2826

For Paratransit, please contact:

Davis Community Transit (within Davis)
Linda Alemania, City of Davis Paratransit Supervisor
(530) 757-8241

Yolobus Special (to destinations outside Davis)
Erik Reitz, Associate Transportation Planner
(530) 402-2826

For Bicycling, contact:

Brian Abbanat, Transportation Planner
(530) 757-5669

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