Travel Training Program



The Travel Training program is an ongoing program to help seniors and/or those with mobility challenges access local transportation services and options. A partnership between the City of Davis, Unitrans, and Yolobus, the program consists of a bi-annual travel training workshop to build confidence in using local transportation services available in the community. The next Travel Training workshop is currently scheduled for:

Date: Saturday, April 19, 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street


For seniors and those with disabilities to have improved:

  • Awareness, understanding, and usage of local transportation options
  • Confidence in using different transportation options
  • Independence
  • Social connections


  • City of Davis Transportation Planning staff
  • Davis Community Transit
  • Unitrans
  • Davis Senior Center
  • YCTD/Yolobus
  • Senior Citizens of Davis


  • Bi-annual Travel Training Workshop (Spring and Fall)

Travel Training Components and Contact Information:

For overall program information, please contact:

Brian Abbanat, Transportation Planner
(530) 757-5610 x7301

For Transit, please contact:

Teri Sheets, Assistant General Manager
(530) 752-6525

Erik Reitz, Associate Transportation Planner
(530) 402-2826

For Paratransit, please contact:

Davis Community Transit (within Davis)
Linda Alemania, City of Davis Paratransit Supervisor
(530) 757-8241

Yolobus Special (to destinations outside Davis)
Erik Reitz, Associate Transportation Planner
(530) 402-2826

For Bicycling, contact:

Dave "DK" Kemp, City of Davis Active Transportation Coordinator
(530) 757-5669

Requires Update: No